Friday, February 19, 2016

Sample Room PH | First Impression

While I’m eating my breakfast, I’m browsing my Facebook wall to find some beauty stuff and post something about it then it came across my mind about Sample Room. At a first glance, I don’t know what to expect about this beauty website until I read the contents of it.

Sample Room Ph is Philippine's first ever beauty and lifestyle sampling website.

It is an interactive community that offers FREE samples, 
localized product reviews, and where all beauty lovers are valued. 
(Source: SampleRoomPh)

My first impression after reading their description is that it’s really a good idea to provide samples first before buying a certain product. For me, it’s a good advocacy because they valued all the beauty lovers like me. Then I started to sign-up to their website. I am really amazed because I earn 100 points in just one click. I can use these points to try their samples. Up to now, I’m still thinking what type of products that I will avail so that I can use my points. Maybe after I choose some of their samples, I will post a review about those products.

Some information that I find interesting is that they have Registered Referrals. In that case, you can earn one (1) point for every registered referral at Sample Room. So you better refer more friends to earn more points.

Another thing is that after you received a specific sample of product, you have to rate and review the samples you get. It will let you earn back the points that were deducted from you after availing the samples. If you want to read the full information, you can check it here.

Overall, this website gave me an interest to be their active member. I want to keep updated about their new samples, their contest and etc. It’s a challenging part for me to review all the samples that I received. Of course, it’s a good practice to enhance my writing and communication skills. To know more about Sample Room Ph, you can check their website by visiting

Don’t forget to also to visit and like their Facebook page here.

Thank you for reading.

JEN | Manila

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