Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Celebrating our Valentine's Day in Plane Bistro

It’s February 14, 2016 and we have decided to celebrate our 2nd Valentines date together with my boyfriend in Plane Bistro. Plane Bistro is Air Travel theme casual dining and located at 1920 España Boulevard corner Kundiman street, Manila, Philippines. I know all of you want to know a little bit information on how to get there so I managed to put a fare matrix in order for you guys to have an idea.

How we get there: 

Lrt (Monumento-Tayuman) : Php15.00
We walked from Tayuman to Jeepney Terminal (Going España) near SM San Lazaro : Php7.00
Tricycle : Php40.00

Yahoo! So you better now visit it as soon as possible. I also put a picture of the front view of Plane Bistro. Check it out below. Sorry for the image if it’s not that good because we are really tired that time and really excited to discover their plane-themed interior and also to eat their specialty food so what are you waiting for, let’s now explore the interior cozy design of this well-known restaurant

(Front View of Plane Bistro)

As we enter the restaurant, we were approached by their crew who really looked like "real flight attendants". I am really amazed of the excellent and creative design of their walls, their reception area, and their sofas matching its plane-themed structure, their cool signages, and everything inside Plane Bistro. 

(Let's travel the world together with Plane Bistro)

(Plane Bistro's counter area)

If you want to post something about your experience while having your bonding moments in Plane Bistro, you can pin your message in their bulletin board. Share something to motivate and inspire others to taste and experience something different like this.

We were seated on the second floor so let’s look around what their 2nd floor looks like.

(2nd floor waiting area)

Seeing a world map design is such a good idea. It makes me feel that I am really traveling. One of my dreams is to travel the world. I really want to go to different countries to discover their culture, their norms, their philosophies, everything about their country. Of course every one of us really wants to travel outside the country. If I would be given a chance to travel near my beloved country, I would choose Singapore because I idolized the way they protects the environment. They used Eco-friendly materials for the sustainability of their resources. Aww, I'm such a drama queen. I'm just mesmerized by this wall art.

(Seats for two or four people)

Let’s now move to our food experience. 

(Source: Zomato.com)

This is Plane Bistro's menu so you can have an idea on what type of meal you want to order on your first visit.

We ordered Crunchy Honey Tapa worth Php145.00 since my favorite dish (Chicken BBQ) is not available that time. This meal is awesomely good. The tapa itself is juicy, crunchy and not that too sweet. Honey is a better substitute of sugar that’s why this dish is a compatible mix with tapa since we all know that tapa dish is a mild sweet as usual. Vinegar with chili (siling labuyo) is a good dipping sauce of tapa. I suggest that you should also try this dish since we, Filipinos love tapa dishes.

Next is pasta. I chose Seafood Pesto worth Php175.00 because I love seafood’s. It’s quite different from the seafood pasta that I have tried before. It has a strong seafood taste with perfectly soft pasta, tiny slice of squid with two slices of garlic bread. It’s also good but we want also to try their other pasta soon.

Lastly are Salted Caramel Popcorn and Cookies & Cream worth Php95.00. My order in here is their best seller which is Salted Caramel Popcorn since I can make my own Cookies & Cream shake. What can I say about this drink? It tastes like heaven. It’s really creative to add caramel popcorn to a certain drink. At first, I expected that it taste too sweet but honestly I’m wrong. It’s creamy, a little bit salty, not that too sweet. What can I say about the price? For the amount of Php95.00, it’s reasonable. It’s not that expensive. You should try it too.

When it comes to overall experience, I recommend that you should try to visit their branch. It’s new for us and “unique themed resto’s” are trending right now. It’s also advisable to those persons who are seeking for “perfect selfie places” for them. Their foods are not that expensive ranging from Php95.00 to Php345.00 so students like me can have the capacity to avail their foods. Treat your friends/besties/barkada, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, or your family. You will never regret to celebrate your special occasions in here. If I will rate this casual dining restaurant from 1-5 (1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest), I will rate it 4 based on my observation and overall experience.

If you want to know more information about Plane Bistro, you can visit their Facebook fan page in here. P.S. Don't forget to like their page :)

Thank you for reading !!

JEN | Manila

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