Friday, February 12, 2016

Caffe Piansa Experience

Caffe Piansa is the first jail-themed restaurant in town which was located at 57 Dragon Street, Midtown Subdivision, San Roque, 1801 Marikina City. This is our first time to celebrate my birthday (November 9, 2015) in here together with my boyfriend. I am really amazed about the interior design of this restaurant. While we are waiting for our food to be served, my boyfriend and I took some pictures. Check out their unique interior.

(This is their menu)

(The Prosecution Area)

(You can buy their shirt worth Php250.00)

(Caffe Piansa Wall of Fame)
You can be part of their wall of fame. Just use their hashtag using your Instagram account and post your best mugshot picture.

We also took some pictures of ourselves for our bonding moments :D Just don't mind our wacky faces (Lol!)

(We are really PARTNERS IN CRIME)

Our food experience..

(I'm craving !! Rawr :3)

(A mouth-watering type of pizza)

You should also try their pasta. It's really delicious. I really enjoyed eating this dish because I'm a pasta lover too.

(My favorite Black Forest and Cookies and Cream Frappe)

(Buffalo Wings)

The last part is about our food experience. I must say that their food is totally delicious and very affordable. I and my boyfriend really enjoyed the experience here in Caffe Piansa. For the amount of Php500.00, you surely enjoy the Caffe Piansa experience.

Before you leave this jail-themed type of resto, don't forget to take a picture with their approachable crew people. They are really accommodating and easy to talk to. They gave us a sweet farewell before we leave the establishment. I really recommend you guys to hang out with your friends, loved ones or anyone you want to share your memories in here.

(Source: Caffe Piansa)

If you want to know more about Caffe Piansa, you can visit their Facebook page in here :

Thank you for reading !!

- JEN | Manila

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